Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jesus is telling us in no uncertain terms that there is a battle raging. This is perhaps the most important reason why we must choose the barbarian way and resist any temptation to become civilized. Domesticated Christians are far too willing to abdicate the battle for the soul of the world. Civility focuses our energy on all the wrong places. We spend our lives emphasizing our personal development and spiritual well-being. We build churches that become nothing more than hiding places for the faithful while pretending that our actions are for the good of the world. Or we try to advance our cultural values, in attempt to make unbelieving people act like civilized believers. In contrast Jesus calls us to a different way. He tells us this is a battle of kingdoms. We cannot limit our sights to what is flesh and blood. We are called to be warriors of light in dark places. We are mystical warriors who use weapons not of this world!

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