Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Note from the Webmaster

During the last few times I have visited the site I had noticed ads popping up after you left/exited the web page.  I use an Apple Mac computer which never has this happen on many websites.  After further testing I found that the Calendar Widget contained unauthorized ads that would pop-up after closing or leaving this website.

Unauthorized ads could contain Malware, Adware, Spyware that could harm your computer.  If you ever get a pop-up ad at any site Ray Publishing recommends that you close the browser not the page or tab to help prevent access to your computer.  When restarting the browser I would recommend that you Empty ALL Cache/Temporary files including cookies and history.

I have removed the calendar from the Breakout site and hope that this hasn't been an issue for you.  I will let Pastor Mike know of this issue during our meeting today.  Thank You for visiting the new BreakOut Ministry website ~Scott Ray Owner of Ray Publishing Interactive Media.

Don't ever open a page if you see this.  Facebook users seem to be more likely to encounter this due to the users having their information on a public domain! 

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